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2/12/17 07:33 pm - subhiksha - Letting Go...

Letting Go.... I am talking about everything you have ever let go of, about to let go, and the things you are letting go... I am talking about the good and bad, new and old, favourite and addictive, everything..... It maybe deleting a 90's song from your playlist or ending a 2 year old relationship.

Firstly, the change is what affects us. It kills us. It/They have always been a part of us. Irrespective of the time, it had blend into your soul. You have had an undescriptive love for it. The sudden change is worse; it is unexpectedly thundering. I do feel better sometimes to think that I knew that I was about to depart from it. I had enough time to absorb the truth. But, it is more painful that I had missed the chance to change things I was capable of.

That brings us to the next immediate effect: Weak. Losing strength. Almost all of us would have realised that body and mind are interwoven, only after experiencing departure. Along with the love/person/thing/relationship, you lose your strength- both physical and mental. When a part of you disappears, you feel empty- literally. You sometimes wish you'd never wake up. There is something heavy inside you- your body. Breathing becomes difficult. You can hardly feel or hear your heartbeat. You can't feel your legs. It's like you have been put into someone else's body. And the worst- you are unable to speak, let alone cry or shout. The first remedy itself becomes inaccessible. You get choked- by some unknown force. And after that first tear falls, a chain reaction happens.

With nobody to wipe it. And you don't know what is worse- not having anyone to lean shoulders or forcibly making someone see you being sober and worried.

Now.. You search things... You seek some distraction. Anything that can relieve you from your thoughts. Something else than staring at ceilings and photos. You feel a deceptive strength. You search for people, places, exercises, dance, art, drugs, blogs, or another form of the thing you lost. You fail many times. As Lang Leav quotes- Forgetting is just another form of remembering. Everything feels stupid and meaningless.

You are desperate.
You are tired.

You get used to pain.. Get used to missing the love. Get used to having ugly eyes and a face you hate. You don't want to forget it now. You learn to live with it. Though, it doesn't make you any better.


You come out, reluctantly. See the world, differently. And now you discover what you sought. You discover where it went wrong, after all. For some reason, you become a different person. The whole experience, although not finished, had changed you. For the worse or better- nobody knows. This change is the most significant part. You either become kinder, generous, and loving or silent, on-point, and hard-working or funny, social, expressive and courageous or angry, tired, and averted. I won't say which is right and wrong. These are just ways or changes that cannot be found with combinatorics.

You finally learn. Learn- not to forget, but to LET GO.. You finally learn to live with or without it. You find your preferences. You find purpose. A sense of belonging- to yourself, and not to the universe. You bring up facts that you dislike about what you have let go or the pros of letting it go- to feel better. And this time, you do feel better. The emptiness doesn't get filled. It stays with you as a part of you..

And that's how you let go......
#SpreadLove #PositiveVibes

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11/29/16 06:42 pm - vivian_ng1502 - HI EVERYONE !

According to my subject, it's my pleasure of me to be friend with all of you guys :).

My name is Vy and I'm come from Vietnam. I'm 20 years old !

I'd like to improve my English skills, btw if there is someone who can teach me German, I'll appreciate that :D. And yes, it's very nice to learning about another country !

If community "Foreignfriends" still working on and there are some people can see my entry, please feel free and then send me a mess to my Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/meowonly or LINE ID: yotsubruh !

Thank you

11/5/16 05:28 pm - subhiksha

I am Subhiksha,16. I am from South India. I love writing and reading. I am social and love to be around people( Its so hard for a lot of them this decade). I used to watch a lot of movies- a lot of them!!. I have a huge bunch of friends who can always make me laugh.

I enjoyed my 14 years of life to the core. All I knew was to write and laugh and make people laugh. Things are down-trodden now. I had a perfect 20 year plan ivolving travel, photography, falling in love, fame, and writing. Meanwhile, in the process of growing up, I was forced to give up on them. My parents told I had to face the real world, and that my plans were fantasy. I was left in shock for almost a year. I almost stopped writing for 2 years. (I have a massive writer's block, which makes me more anxious). Just because I topped my class, my parents thought I can be put in the college of brainies and I should graduate from the biggest instituition. I am getting trained for it now.

I have no idea what's going on with my life. Its not how I wanted it to be. Blimey, I was once going about like "Why do people blame? Their life, their choices. They can operate it the way they want.". And now, I get it. There exists some decisions that are beyond my control. I just have to wait until I become independent,atleast in my own life.

But I can't keep doing this anymore. So, I decided to start writing. This time, in public. So that, I have a choice to look back at what I did and have guys ( like you) ,who are in my own boat, to have a say on my decisions.

Lol, Its funny how serious I talk. I just turn like that when I write. Rest of the time, I am weirdest ridiculous person you can meet!!!

I share opinions and suff on my blog.Check out if you want to!!! I'd love to answer your questions. Or even have a wee chat.


6/1/16 02:10 pm - Philip James Seville Candole - Add Me

Hi friends! I am Philip james Candole 22 years young from Philippinesand im a graphic Designer. I want to have friends across the globe. :) please do add me on facebook or skype philipjamescandole@gmail.com :) / Philliphjames thanks and God Bless :)

2/27/16 02:22 pm - sorenfi - Friends in Poland


I travel to Poland(Sopot/Gdansk) 5-6 times every year and wpold like to get some friends there.
Just to hang out, teach each others culture etc...

1/18/16 07:32 pm - Võ Hùng Tự - hi everyone

Im Vietnamese. my name is Tu. im 29 years old. i learning english and i need a partner to practice. i can teach you Vietnamese .nice to meet you. thanks

11/10/15 09:53 pm - Mark Takatani - Loner

Hi friends! I am Mark Tacatani 25 years young from Philippines. I want to have friends across the globe. :) please do add me on facebook or skype @markbillions.

9/25/15 08:45 pm - nicovideo - Hi there!

I am french and I would like an english-speaking friend to practice and of course share culture and hobbies!
I am a 24-years-old IT engineer and I like a lot of things, such as movies, music (I play clarinet and violin), writing, teaching...
Feel free to contact me ; my preference for talking is Skype :-)

8/18/15 10:18 pm - rjukhwa - I'm searching a foreign friends to improve English

Hello everyone !

I'm learning English is there anyone who learning English and want to improve can post me mail :)

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