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I am Subhiksha,16. I am from South India. I love writing and reading. I am social and love to be around people( Its so hard for a lot of them this decade). I used to watch a lot of movies- a lot of them!!. I have a huge bunch of friends who can always make me laugh.

I enjoyed my 14 years of life to the core. All I knew was to write and laugh and make people laugh. Things are down-trodden now. I had a perfect 20 year plan ivolving travel, photography, falling in love, fame, and writing. Meanwhile, in the process of growing up, I was forced to give up on them. My parents told I had to face the real world, and that my plans were fantasy. I was left in shock for almost a year. I almost stopped writing for 2 years. (I have a massive writer's block, which makes me more anxious). Just because I topped my class, my parents thought I can be put in the college of brainies and I should graduate from the biggest instituition. I am getting trained for it now.

I have no idea what's going on with my life. Its not how I wanted it to be. Blimey, I was once going about like "Why do people blame? Their life, their choices. They can operate it the way they want.". And now, I get it. There exists some decisions that are beyond my control. I just have to wait until I become independent,atleast in my own life.

But I can't keep doing this anymore. So, I decided to start writing. This time, in public. So that, I have a choice to look back at what I did and have guys ( like you) ,who are in my own boat, to have a say on my decisions.

Lol, Its funny how serious I talk. I just turn like that when I write. Rest of the time, I am weirdest ridiculous person you can meet!!!

I share opinions and suff on my blog.Check out if you want to!!! I'd love to answer your questions. Or even have a wee chat.

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